Beiar Fjord

The Fjord starts from right outside Kjellingsundet, and contonues all the way to Tvervik. This is a facinating nature experience.

2017-03-1011:31 Viktor Håkonsen

Beiar Fjord, or Beiardfjorden as we say in Norwegian, have a length for about 20 kilometers (12 miles).

The area is a beautiful place popular among both locals and tourists.

Walking over the Fjord

From Storågvika there is a marked trail along the south side of the Nordland River (Nordlandselva) and up to "Osan". This is a hike in light terrain for a about one hour.

At the end of Sandvasselva (another river), there are three child friendly water holes with a fine, sandy bottom.

If you go west from Osan, to Lille Sandvatnet (it takes 20 minutes), and then to Store Sandvatnet (30 minutes), you will find gorgeous white, sandy beaches.

Fishing can be arranged with the landowners.

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