Local Christmas Gifts

Looking for something special for your loved ones? Here is a list of local christmas gifts from Bodø & Salten.

2019-12-1912:50 Julie Abelsen

Designer bags from Studio EBN

STUDIO EBN creates responsible, handcrafted bags and accessories inspired by the Arctic nature. Nordic Salmon leather is at the heart of all creations by STUDIO EBN, honouring the heritage of this artisanal craft and the studio’s Arctic location.

Salmon leather is characterized by its beautiful, refined texture with a smooth finish and has been valued since ancient times for its durability and strength. A by-product of the food industry that would otherwise not be used, salmon leather is sourced from the Nordic region and produced by making use of renewable energy.

The signature of STUDIO EBN is characterized by Nordic simplicity, an aesthetic and playful take on functionality with strong emphasis on quality and purpose.

Arctic Salt

Arctic Salt produces gourmet finger salt from the wild swirls of Saltstraumen – The world´s stronges maelstrom. The salt is untreated, no bleaching or anti-caking agents are added, and it has a distinctly good sea taste. It is excellent for all cooking.

You can choose between classic white sea salt, red smoked sea salt, green herb sea salt, or even bathing salt to put in your tub.

FOGG Gildeskål

FOGG Gildeskål is a niche brand specialized in high-end men´s hats, scarves and wool sweaters. The clothes are inspired by explorers and the way they dress. And are designed for the modern adventurer who does not compromise on style or ethics.

The design duo behind FOGG Gildeskål is two sisters, who are raised in Gildeskål. With first-hand knowledge from the Nordland coast, they know how difficult it is to dress well during the arctic winter. They use this experience of the arctic climate to create clean woolen garments that combine modern design and traditional crafts.

Bådin brewery

The brewery was wounded by 6 local boys with passion for good beer. Every beer has a name inspired by a spacial place in the region, or local heros.

Craig Alibone Chocolate

Craig takes great pride in delivering the highest quality chocolate, macarons and cakes for all occasions. Each piece is individually handmade to ensure great results. Artistic and award-winning chocolate!

Posters from Gundersons

Gundersons is a Bodø based illustration studio/ poster shop, and consists of the two brothers Robin and Rudi Gundersen. Their designs are mainly inspired by places in Northern Norway. Many of them are from Bodø & Salten of course.

Carrot marmelade from Han Sylte

Carrots from the village of Valnesfjord are widely known for their good taste. The soil in Valnesfjord is deep and moldy, which means that the conditions for carrot production are optimal. With light all day and night (midnight sun) and low temperatures, the carrot becomes extra sweet and is particularly suitable for carrot marmalade.

The beauty requirements for carrots sold to consumers in Norway mean that a lot of good carrots are sorted away during packaging. These carrots He chopped off and refined to environmentally friendly delicacies. This means that the farmer gets paid for the work he does in production, regardless of whether the carrot grows creatively in the soil.