Saltstraumen - The world´s strongest maelstrom

Sea fishing, sea eagle safaris and historical adventures in the world’s strongest tidal current. See one of the wonders of the world at close quarters, as an onlooker on the shore, or in a boat with a local guide.

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A global attraction

Right outside Bodø, only 90 minutes from Oslo by air, you will find a global attraction, Saltstraumen. For it is here, just north of the Arctic Circle, that you will find the world’s strongest maelstrom. It is an eldorado for divers and fishermen with its abundant stocks of cod, saithe, halibut, angler fish and wolf fish. Time table for the tidal current: > Saltstraumen time table 

The phenomenen

The phenomenon occurs every 6 hours when almost 400 million cubic metres of water pass through the 3 km long and 150 metre wide strait between the Saltenfjord and the Skjerstadfjord at speeds of up to 20 knots.

The times when the current is at its strongest vary, so please refer to the table for those that apply on the day you will be visiting Saltstraumen. Saltstraumen Safaris / Sea Eagle Safaris are very popular. RIB trips out into the current are arranged on a daily basis from june until august. 

See the film of a RIB trip in the Saltstraumen by youtuber Eric Conover here.

An eldorado for sports fishermen and seabirds

Saltstraumen is the world’s strongest maelstrom. The water reaches speeds of over 20 knots, and over 3,000 m3 of water flow across the threshold of the fjord every second. Saltstraumen is extremely abundant in fish, and is known for the big ones. The world’s biggest saithe (coley) was caught in the current using a rod. Cod and wolf fish are common catches among anglers. Large amounts of seabirds find food and spend the winter here. Eider ducks and white-tailed eagles are particularly numerous in the area.

An eldorado for sports divers

Compared to many other diving locations in Norway, Saltstraumen is like a living widescreen HD-TV for sports divers. The feeling of drifting with the current, first one way, then the other, is unforgettable. Huge shoals of fish, great amounts of shellfish, snails, crustaceans, moss animals, sea squirts, starfish, brittle stars and bristle worms add colour to your adventure. 

> Check out Saltstraumen Diverscamp here.

Colourful biodiversity

On the underwater rock faces along the current we find species like sea fan, dead man's fingers, bubblegum coral, breadcrumb sponge and sea lily, all filtering the nutritional waters. Two coral reefs with stony corals have been found beyond the threshold, and sports divers have found a coral reef with Gorgonian corals just inside the threshold. It is not without good reason that Saltstraumen has been nominated as a marine nature reserve.

A goldmine of cultural monuments

Stone Age settlement has been found on both banks of the Saltstraumen, together with a number of cultural monuments from the Iron Age. Godøy was a chieftain’s seat in the 900s. The chieftain Raud den Rame lived in the area and was mentioned in Snorre’s Saga. The early human settlement was most probably a result of the incredibly abundant marine biodiversity associated with the tidal current.

Your encounter with the ancient coastal population

Tuvsjyen is an activity area at Saltstraumen. Try cooking in the authentic ancient way using fresh ingredients straight from the sea. Prepare the family’s catch in a prehistoric cooking pit. Activities, games and overnight accommodation in a scenic and creative environment. The adventure brings back to life the Stone Age culture of 9800 years ago. 

Magic Saltstraumen

Magic Saltstraumen is situated in a spectacular building at the foot of the Saltstraum Bridge, close to the world’s strongest tidal current. Inside this outstanding building, Saltstraumen’s hidden and exciting stories are brought to life and form the basis for, and give rise to, many adventures, both culinary and through photographs and films.

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