Sámi Safari Camp

A small Sami respite where you can inhale fresh air - deep into the lungs - and feel that the body and soul connect.

Hamarøy // Tysfjord
2018-09-2622:30 Stine Eidissen Bya

Sámi Safari Camp is located in Mannfjord, Tysfjord in the Northern Norway, far from other settlements and people. And at the camp there is no power or wi-fi.

Sámi Safari Camp is lavvo glamping - i.e. five of our lavvo have floors, and are furnished for purpose. We have three sleeping-lavvo, a large lavvo with lounge and dining room, and a laavo-toilet. In addition, we have two traditional decorated lavvo with open fire as well as birch and reindeer-skin on the floor.

The silence, the heat of the fire, the smell and the sounds of nature around the Sámi Safari Camp embrace us. Maybe we'll see a moose, reindeer or fox outside the lavvo. but we'll surley both see and rear many different birds.

Here we use mindfulness to logg off, calm down and become present.

In the evenings, we enjoy good food and drinks in the big lavvo, and some coffee and area based stories around the fire in our traditionally decorated lavvo. And late in the evening, we take you on a walk to listen to the sounds of the night an visit the places for the stories. Perhaps during a winter night we may see the Northen Lights dance across the sky, or in the summer, the Midnight Sun will brighten around the clock.

Ther will be opportunities to take a boat trip, maybe fish a little, join in a mindfulness walk or just relax at the camp. And there are also more possibilities - whit paths and seatings around the camp - for those who want a quit moment for themselves.

Postboks 26
8271 Drag

Telefon: 41477822
E-post: post@samisafaricamp.no

Sámi Safari Camp
Sámi Safari Camp
Sámi Safari Camp
Sámi Safari Camp
Sámi Safari Camp