Givær – Day Trip to Bodø`s Most Westerly Outpost

Givær is a remote island located 50 km north of the Arctic Circle and 28 km west of Bodø. Givær is Bodø`s most westerly outpost and home to just over 15 people. This tiny island is truly a hidden gem along the Arctic coast of Northern Norway. Only a few visitors find their way to this island and its fascinating history. On this day trip you will get to know about daily life on Givær. The island is small, but the hospitality and welcome is big.

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Givær; approaching with the local express boat from Bodø.

Givær as seen when approaching with express boat from Bodø. Photo: Rita Jakobsen.

Visit Givær. A visit to the solitary island of Givær is truly something special. From every point of the island you have a tremendous view of the ocean to the west, the mainland and other isles to the east.

Explore on foot. The only way to explore the island is on foot. That is a short walk. The island is only about half mile long so everywhere on it is easy reachable. The total length of the `main street` is about 250 m. The total area of the main island is only 0.2 square-miles. The settlement of Givær consists of only 25 small houses.

The one and only farmer at Givær takes good care of her sheep. Photo: Rita Jakobsen.

 is is one of the best places in Scandinavia for visitors to experience daily life on a remote island along the coast of Northern Norway. Once you leave the local express boat, you will notice the absence of traffic, people and commerce. There are no roads here, no shops, no cars.

Off the beaten track: Givær has never been a big tourist attraction. The people of Givær want to keep it that way. Small groups will always get a warm welcome. Givær is a kind of a northern hidden secret. Most people in Bodø have heard about Givær, just a minority have ever been there.


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