Concert in Bodø Cathedral

Enjoy a magical musical performance at Nordland’s own cathedral, summer or winter.

2017-04-1922:26 Raymond Jakobsen

Bodø Cathedral stands tall and proud, just a short distance from your ship. The cathedral, which was consecrated in 1956, is built of concrete and has a unique modern basilica design. The free-standing bell tower houses the world’s northernmost concert carillon with its 50 bells.

The host will welcome you and introduce you to the cathedral, which is also home to one of Norway’s largest pipe organs, with more than 5,000 pipes. This magnificent instrument is well placed to take advantage of the excellent acoustics, enjoyed by many who sing and perform here.

Sit back and enjoy beautiful music during the concert, which can be a solo recital by one of the cathedral’s accomplished organists, or in combination with a local choir.

Duration: 1 hours
Capacity: 900