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We offer flight simulator sessions in two different levels: For beginners, and for advanced users.. Our full motion two seted simulators gives you the opportunity to fullfill your dream being a captain, and you are in full control of the aircraft from take off to landing. Our highly qualified instructors are ready to give you a safe and unique flying experience! Welcome on board!

2017-02-2815:08 Raymond Jakobsen

Flight Simulator - Beginners (Total flying time 30 minutes) First time in a flight simulator? Experience how it feels to fly a single engine aircraft around the surroundings of Bodø. This package includes all you need for a great flight experience. We guarantee you will be coming back for more! Flight simulator - Advanced Are you a pilot or do you have previous experience from flight simulators. Choose between single or twin engine aircraft and various pre sets/scenarious in order to challenge your flying skills.

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Sat-Sun 12:00 - 18:00 

Tel: +47 48882221 
Web: www.newtonflightacademy.com

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