Norwegian Aviation Museum

Polar heroes, spy planes, flight simulators or learning about the air. These are just some of the experiences offered at the Norwegian Aviation Museum. Travel with us through the history of military and civil aviation and we will treat you to the adventures and aircrafts of your dreams.

We also offer guided tours - free of charge - during the summer months to make your visit extra special.

Catch some air with your family!
2017-02-2717:08 Raymond Jakobsen

At the Norwegian Aviation Museum, your whole family can experience the technological wonders of aviation at close quarters, listen to exciting stories and investigate puzzling secrets. The state-of-the-art interactive exhibition, “LET’S FLY! A Journey through Norwegian Aviation History”, can take your family’s holiday to the next level. The Norwegian Aviation Museum is massive and full of enormous airplanes, strange inventions, old artifacts and interesting stories.

In the military aviation exhibition, you can look closer at famous and notorious planes such as the Spitfire and Starfighter, whilst the dreamers of the family can revisit fond memories by visiting the Twin Otter and the corrugated iron plane, Junkers Ju 52, popularly referred to as “Aunty Ju”, in the civil aviation exhibition.

Welcome to a 10,000-square meter world of excitement!

Museum shop and cafe

As everyone knows, a visit to a museum is not complete without stopping by the museum shop and café. Everything from aviation books to fun toys and souvenirs is available in our gift shop, and you can have a meal or a cup of coffee in our café, or enjoy what we like to call “the best waffles in town.”

Summer tour

From June 30th to August 12th on weekdays from 11am – 4pm, we offer a historical “flight” in the form of a tour for adults through all our exhibitions.

During the summer, we also offer several fun trails and activities, particularly suitable for families with children. Here are some examples:


’Airspace’ family zone

The Norwegian Aviation Museum loves the combination of children, learning and fun activities. Therefore, we have created a separate family zone with precisely this in mind. In “Airspace” you can find a model plane simulator, lots of air experiments, and our staff is on standby to keep the children busy.

Build your fantasy Aircraft

This summer you can build your fantasy Aircraft. Our brand new Lego table has finally arrived, and we invitt you to let your imagination run free. What do you think the aircrafts of the future should look like? Or maybe you want to build an airport or other flying creations. We look forward to displaying your work on our four meter long table with runways. 

See the world through yellow boxes!

Join in and search for yellow boxes placed in different areas of the Museum! The boxes have information on the outside and various surprises on the inside. Find the small hole and take a peek at a secret and mysterious world!

Meet Bædi and Børdi at the Museum!

The coolest travel companions in the world, Bædi and Børdi, are looking forward to meeting children at the Norwegian Aviation Museum! Bædi is a goat who turns into a flying air balloon when his stomach inflates after eating fish balls. His friend Børdi, on the other hand, is a sweet little bird who can’t fly at all, but still always manages to find a way.

These two fun-loving friends are digital travel guides, who intend to make holiday travel more fun for children (and young-at-heart adults). You can meet them in an app where the two friends also help plan your holiday. When arriving at the Norwegian Aviation Museum, Bædi and Børdi are there to guide you around a large portion of the Museum.


Learn to fly with the Newton Flight Academy!

Experience what it’s like to be a pilot - book a flying lesson with the Newton Flight Academy! Sit in the captain’s seat and take full control of the aircraft from take-off to landing. Qualified instructors give you a safe and unique experience in very realistic surroundings in one of our moving flight simulators. You can choose between a single- and twin-engine aircraft. It might be a good idea to book tickets in advance, but you can also drop-in, depending on availability.

This experience is suitable for both children and adults, but an adult must accompany children under the age of 12. Two people can sit in a simulator at one time and the trip lasts for 30 minutes.  This is an epic experience for father and son, mother and daughter or any other combination of family members. Let yourselves go - fly like birds!

Practical Information

The museum is open between 1th of june - 31th of august, monday - sunday kl. 10.00 - 18.00. The museum is located right outside Bodø city centre, by the airport.

Price for one whole family: NOK 450kr

More practical information for an eventful day is available at luftfartsmuseum.no 

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